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Lame Tweet Guy

I think I’m going to reward some of you for Tweeting. (Wow, that sounds really weird without context) Yes, let’s have another little contest where I’ll give away a choice of any of my books in print. More on that … Continue Reading

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Leadership Lessons from the Shirtless Guy

My dad sent me this video, a great little piece about “leadership” and, more importantly, how a movement is made. Dad and I are always looking out for good leadership discussion and training pieces for our NEW BREED training workshops. This … Continue Reading

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Jonathan… or Snookie?

“Well… I’m cheaper than Snookie!” Yeah, that’s probably not a great place to set the bar.    🙂   (more on Snookie speaking in a moment) As most of you know, I do quite a bit of speaking and training around the … Continue Reading

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Gaga’s Judas

Gaga is at it again… poking at what’s sacred. This time it’s her new song, Judas, a song where basically she conveys that she identifies a little more with Judas than Jesus. Where did Gaga get this idea? She tells … Continue Reading

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Connection Between Pop Music and Depression

Earlier this month posted an article with some fascinating findings about the connection between pop music and depression. I encourage you to check out the entire article, but here’s just a snippet: …in terms of media exposure, the more … Continue Reading

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Movies Reflecting Our Culture… Good and Bad

I don’t know about your kids, but teenagers in my area are off school this week for Easter break (Yeah, I’m calling it Easter Break!), and many of them are heading to the movie theatres for a variety of choices. So Todd … Continue Reading

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Pray for Us

I’d really appreciate your prayers for my family, especially this weekend. All five of us are doing ministry in different directions… and one has a 103.5 temperature! (More on that in a minute) Last night I dropped off my wife … Continue Reading

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Another Opinion about Soul Surfer

I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about the new film Soul Surfer, with its strong Christian message. Here’s an opinion you’ll want to hear. Let me back up just a bit. Having missed the screening myself, I sent one of our writer/reviewers … Continue Reading

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Jersey Shore

I’m doing some pop culture research today, a typical ritual before I teach about youth culture at my workshops, to make sure I have current data (I’m teaching my parent workshop to a women’s group in my hometown this Wednesday, then teaching … Continue Reading

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David’s Debate Results

Well, David has finished his pornography debate at the University of South Florida. Late last night, he emailed me to let me know of his immense gratitude for the prayers from The Source’s users. He also gave me some details … Continue Reading

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