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The Lies of “Paul”

Maybe you’ve seen previews for the new film, “Paul,”  the comedy about two nerds and an alien on a roadtrip across America. Despite the R rating, this film has a huge draw to teenagers. That’s why it might be good to know that it … Continue Reading

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MTV’s Insights about the New “Kid-driven” Family

Before I dive into today’s topic, I wanna throw something out there. Today’s blog title doesn’t mention “contest” … so I’m going to see how much you guys are actually paying attention.  😉  I’ve got some giveaways for you: I’ve … Continue Reading

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Teaching Kids Lasting Values

Have today’s parents just given up? Then why is it that the average U.S. parent continues to lower the bar morally for their kids? Do you think parents should allow their 14-year-old girls to dress however they like? Should parents … Continue Reading

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TV Still Rules

I’m preparing to teach two training workshops this weekend, a “Discipleship” workshop to the teachers/faculty at a Christian school tomorrow, and then my parenting workshop in Eastern PA on Sunday. Doing a little research, I thought I’d check in on … Continue Reading

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Candid Confessions is in…

Wow… cool surprise today. A huge shipment of my brand new parenting books (due on the shelves April 1) just arrived here today. I tore open a few of the boxes like a kid on Christmas… of course… I knew what … Continue Reading

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Monogamy a Good Thing?

A lot of news about abstinence, sex and monogamy lately, mostly due to a Center for Disease Control report that came out earlier this month reporting that abstinence is actually up. Yep… you read that right. Today, more kids are … Continue Reading

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Senior Citizen Texting Dictionary

I’m turning 41 this Friday… but I’m not feeling that old. (That’s a good thing, right?) Sure, I’ve got three teenagers of my own, and that’s probably why I discover new grey hairs daily… but hey! I feel good! Heck, … Continue Reading

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Parenting Book and Training Workshop

You’ve been seeing a lot of great resources for parents coming from us lately… and here’s a couple more you will definitely want to know about. 1. My new book, Candid Confessions of an Imperfect Parent: I’m getting a shipment … Continue Reading

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Get a Signed Copy of My Parent Book

Okay everyone, I just heard that I’m going to receive my shipment of my new parenting book, Candid Confessions of an Imperfect Parent, in just a couple weeks- the last week of March, a little earlier than everyone else. So I wanted … Continue Reading

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But Mom, It’s Only 9PM…

This morning I was talking with my 15-year-old daughter Alyssa on the way to school about a friend of hers who she’s been praying for. “She’s always in a bad mood,” Alyssa ranted. “She’s got stressful stuff going on at home … Continue Reading

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