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Super Bowl Party Confusion

The Super Bowl is this Sunday. (My son and I will be at the Chicago Ohare airport waiting for our flight home- we’ll only catch the first half of the big game. DOH!!) For years churches in the U.S. have loved … Continue Reading

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Wow… it doesn’t get easier than this

So last Thursday I announced a contest where I’m going to give away some of my books to 10 different people. I’m running this contest thru the end of this week… it doesn’t get any easier than this to win … Continue Reading

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Gaga Releases “Born This Way” Lyrics

Lady Gaga’s Twitter fans received a tweet from her yesterday saying, “Maybe I should leak the lyrics to Born This Way today…” A few hours later, she released the lyrics to her song that will release February 13th. MTV just … Continue Reading

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A Little Movie/Music “Contest” for ya

Okay… I’m feeling like giving some books away. I’m going to give away 10 of my books. 10 people will win a book of their choice… and winning is very simple. Here’s how to play. We just totally revamped our new … Continue Reading

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MTV Goes Too Far?

When I was in Korea, I quickly blogged with you about MTV’s new show Skins, a racy look at teen partying, sex and drug abuse. I promised you more. This week, we’ve featured an entire Youth Culture Window article about … Continue Reading

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Tough Parenting

A lot of buzz about the parenting style of Amy Chua, Yale law professor and self-described “tiger mother.” Amy claims to be raising her kids “the Chinese way.” She forced her daughter to practice the piano for hours on end … Continue Reading

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20 Years

21 years ago, when I was 19-years-old and home from college on break, I saw this 19-year-old brunette walk into my home church’s college group and quietly sit in the corner. I thought, “Wow!” 5 months later, when I got … Continue Reading

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And Your Mom’s Gonna Hate It

It’s no secret that controversy can be a good marketing tool. Maybe that’s why the makers of Dead Space 2 are trying an interesting viral video approach to market their new violent video game. (So is my blogging about it helping them? Hmmmmm.) The … Continue Reading

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The show is called “Skins” and it premiered on MTV Monday. describes the show like this: “Take a peek at the wild ride of sex, drugs and friendship that is ‘Skins’…” The Parents Television Council (PTC) has deemed the … Continue Reading

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In Korea

Yesterday I flew to Korea. I’m hear to speak for the weekend. So far we’ve had a great time. I think the highlight was when my buddy Lorin, who traveled with me, asked our host (a U.S. civilian who runs … Continue Reading

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