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The Reach of Bullying

It’s been amazing to hear so many responses from the bullying article I posted a week ago, Voices of the Bullied. It’s very clear that I’m not alone in my observations and experience. Thank you all for your kind emails … Continue Reading

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Inside the Teenage Brain

Ever wonder why teenagers might be better than us in video games, but seemingly inept at simple decision making and reasoning? If only we could take a peek inside the teenage brain. Well… they have! Parade magazine featured an excellent article yesterday … Continue Reading

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A Lullaby

I’m hanging with family for Thanksgiving. My brother Thom has two little ones, ages two and four. Since mine are 13, 15 and 17… I’ve almost forgotten what it is like. Fun… and tiring!  🙂 Tonight we were watching some … Continue Reading

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An Interesting Interuption

Last night I spoke to about 400 teenagers and youth workers at a Baptist conference in West Virginia. In the middle of my talk, an inebriated gentleman staggered in the back and started making a lot of noise. I was … Continue Reading

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An Inside Look at Bullying…

“Anti-bullying” is the new hot commodity. And everyone seems to have an expert opinion… people who haven’t been bullied. Two nights ago I was watching TV and an ad for the “news at 11:00” came on. A robotic anchorman declared, … Continue Reading

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Too Sexy Too Soon

They call it “Corporate Pedophilia.” It’s when corporate America sells out by pimping material to our kids that they know is slowly destroying them. This 8-minute ABC video is a must see. I post my two cents below. I’d like yours … Continue Reading

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Stuff You Can Use

I’m clocking out early today to get alone and write (I have to finish my last two chapter of my parenting book this week), but I wanted you to see some helpful new resources on our web sites. 1. David … Continue Reading

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Wholesome… and Not… in the Music Charts

The music charts have had some interesting movement in the last few weeks, some wholesome stuff, and still plenty of the “not-so-wholesome.” I always find it intriguing to see what our kids are listening to. A FEW OBSERVATIONS: 1. Willa … Continue Reading

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Ministry BY Teenagers

Have you ever considered what a youth ministry would look like if it eased back on it’s ministry TO teenagers, and focused more on ministry BY teenagers? I just received the final proof of my brand new book, MINISTRY BY … Continue Reading

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Spontaneous “Hallelujah” at Macy’s

A flash mob hit Macy’s in Philadelphia on Saturday– with more than 650 vocalist- thanks to help from the Opera Company of Philadelphia- who, unkknown to shoppers, had arranged to burst into song at noon, singing “Hallelujah” from Handel’s Messiah accompanied … Continue Reading

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