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Parenting Book Cover

At the beginning of the month, a few hundred of you helped me (and my publisher) choose a cover for my upcoming parenting book. It’s time to show you those results, as well as the final cover! We showed you four possible … Continue Reading

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Reaching a Campus

Youth workers constantly ask me, “How do I get on-campus at a public school?” In my Connect workshops I always ask youth workers this question: “How many of you go on campus regularly and try to get to know unchurched kids?” “How … Continue Reading

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I’m Too Sexy for My… Costume?

“What do you wanna be for Halloween?” Taylor whispers to her friend Kayla in her 6th grade history class. “A naughty nurse! What about you?” “A racy referee!” Whatever happened to good ol’ princess costumes? Anyone? How about a clown? … Continue Reading

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Crowder Shines

I don’t know if David Crowder can even fathom the amazing impact he has had on worship in the 21st century. He’s not only filled arenas with jumping young people lifting their hands to God and rocked churches across the continent… he’s … Continue Reading

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Teens Texting Even More

The popularity of texting is rising, and the amount of American teenagers who are texting just keeps increasing. Teenage girls take the lead with an average of 4,050 texts per month, according to the most recent Nielson report. Wow! That’s a … Continue Reading

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The Content Behind The Top Ten

I always find it intriguing to see what kids are currently listening to. Last weekend at the parent workshop I taught in Philly, I encouraged parents to jump onto iTunes any given day, see what the top songs were, watch snippets of … Continue Reading

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Battle of the Philly Cheesesteaks

So I’m in Philly for the weekend doing one of my parenting workshops at a local high school and preaching at a church Sunday a.m. I flew in yesterday and met with some new youth worker friends today for lunch. They asked … Continue Reading

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What Are Kids Learning from “Like a G6”

Okay, I’d love your thoughts on this video. Kids cheered when it came on at the dance I chaperoned the other night, it’s at the top of all the charts… all kids know this song right now! The song is … Continue Reading

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Stories from Mom’s Protecting Kids Online

Last week I shared with you about a lunch I had with an FBI agent who was picking my brain about kids in today’s culture, the dangers they face, etc. This guy has helped develop a piece of software that helps … Continue Reading

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Will I Let My Kids Go Next Time?

Will I let my kids go to the next high school dance? That’s truly a tough one. It’s the question I keep hearing now that I’ve had this inside peek into a public high school dance— my own kids’ high school … Continue Reading

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