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This Weekend

This weekend is going to be a little crazy for me. I’d love your prayers. On Saturday I’m running a 5K for our ministry. When I finish that event, I quickly shower, then hop on a plane and head to … Continue Reading

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Be the First

It’s official. I just “Tweeted.” I’ve finally given in to all the people who keep bugging me, “Do you have a Twitter?” “Do you have a Facebook?” We’re launching both! (Facebook is within days of launching) Jump on my Twitter … Continue Reading

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MTV at it again

Sex, drama, blurred nudity, hookups, more blurred nudity, flights, obscenities, even more blurred nudity… No, I’m not talking about a new show on HB-HO or Skin-a-max (they don’t blur), I’m talking about a new series that starts next week on … Continue Reading

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Katy Perry Cut from Sesame Street

Some call it controversy… I call it a good decision. Katy Perry had what Sesame Street called a “play date” with Elmo where she was going to sing her song Hot N’ Cold with the little guy. But Sesame Street made a … Continue Reading

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No Media for 24 Hours

This Saturday, September 25th, Nickelodeon goes dark for a day to encourage kids to go out and play! (Hey, that rhymes. Will they play in the hay? How long will they stay? Until May? I digress.) I love the idea. … Continue Reading

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Running for You

I’m doing it again… I’m running for you. And I could use your help. As one of my blog subscribers, you know better than most that I love to provide youth workers and parents with truly free resources, articles and youth culture … Continue Reading

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Talking With Our Kids about Glee

In January of this year, Kaiser Foundation’s “M2” Media Consumption report shocked parents when it was revealed that today’s 8-18 year-olds average 4 hours and 29 minutes of television programming each and every day. Kaiser, Nielson and others all agree, … Continue Reading

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Bucket Duty

This week has personally been crazy! I’ve been on “bucket duty” all week. No, that has nothing to do with a bucket list. It has everything to do with everyone in my house getting the flu… except me! (So far!) … Continue Reading

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Your Thoughts on Glee

I’m working on an article and I’d like your help. I want your two cents about Foxes hit show, Glee. Since I’d love your comments, I’ll go ahead and make this a contest. Rather than doing the typical “first 10 … Continue Reading

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The Pop Culture Porthole… the MTV VMAs

Last night in the world of pop culture, all eyes were on the MTV VMA’s. All eyes? Okay… maybe not “all.” Let’s put some numbers to it. In 2009, 26.9 million viewers watched the show on the night it aired … Continue Reading

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