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Letters to God

It’s time for a giveaway… twofold. A free curriculum for everyone, and some DVDs for those who are quick to respond. I’ve got 5 DVDs of the new family film from some of the same guys that did Fireproof and Facing … Continue Reading

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Just 1 Thing

A little over a month ago a youth ministry blogger by the name of Jeremy Zach asked me, Tim Schmoyer, Mike King, Dan Haugh, and a bunch of other youth ministry folks to answer a single question: What is one thing … Continue Reading

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A Movie for the Family… That Isn’t Cheesy!

It’s funny… I almost hesitated to title this blog, “A Movie for the Whole Family.” Because that usually means… a cheesy movie that will put parents to sleep! Pardon my candor. But that’s often the case. I just screened the … Continue Reading

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A Glimpse Into What Teens Watch

Three times a year… yes, only three times a year, I tell you to set your DVRs to record an award show watched by teens. One of those is coming next Monday night on Fox: The Teen Choice Awards. I always … Continue Reading

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The weekend has been nuts. If you missed my blog Friday, my dad had a heart attack and gave us all a big scare. He’s home now and doing great. But a funny little tidbit… when we were at the hospital … Continue Reading

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