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please pray for my dad

A quick note… I’m on the run. I had a huge scare this morning… if you could please pray. My dad, Tom McKee, had a mild heart attack this morning and was rushed into surgery.   He was actually on … Continue Reading

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The Sexualization of Young Girls

I’ve blogged about the subject countless times- the impact that sexualized media has on our kids, particularly our girls. And often I receive comments back, “Can’t we do something about this?” Yes. Plenty. And most of it starts with what … Continue Reading

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The Delicate Art of Asking Questions…

Last week I received an email from a youth pastor asking an excellent question: I’m currently a Youth Director (6 Yrs.) applying for a position as a Director of Youth Ministries in a church a few communities over from my present … Continue Reading

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Preachin’ or “Meddlin'”

Last week when I was speaking at a camp I went on a segue, fully admitting that I was “meddlin.’”  I challenged kids about what was on their iPods, predicting the objection of, “Oh, that stuff doesn’t bother me.” And … Continue Reading

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What Teens Need

A persistent gap exists between what teens need and what adults in this nation actually offer them. Best Buy has put up the money to fund the Search Institute’s study on that gap. The main finding? The call for positive … Continue Reading

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“Just Let Em’ Watch TV!”

It’s amazing how often parents just stand by and watch their kids lose their innocence. This past weekend on my flight coming back from speaking in Nebraska two elementary-aged kids sat next to me. Their mom sat a couple rows … Continue Reading

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Does money buy happiness? Yes… well… sort of…

Gallup just did the largest worldwide survey of it’s kind on the subject of happiness. For the first time, they have a global perspective on happiness and feeling good about oneself. Yes, money does buy happiness, they conclude. Surprised? Well … Continue Reading

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Goodbye Smart Car… Hello Mini

Yesterday I flew to Nebraska where I’m speaking all week. When I landed, I did my normal routine, picking up my rental car. At the Omaha airport, they had a good deal on Mini Coopers- cheaper than almost any other car. … Continue Reading

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You Might Be a Narcissist If…

This week a guest author wrote our Youth Culture Window article. She’s a friend of mine who is a counselor- her name is Lisa Charlebois. Lisa co-wrote an interesting book titled, “You Might Be a Narcissist If…” The book helps … Continue Reading

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Video Game Content

Last week, after speaking about youth culture at my home church, a parent came up and asked me about today’s popular video games. He said something I’ve heard hundreds of times. “My son loves video games and I just don’t … Continue Reading

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