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Black Eyed Peas Go #1 Again

Earlier this week I blogged a little about the Black Eyed Peas hit song Imma Be rapidly climbing the charts. As I wrote that blog, it was #1 on iTunes and #3 on Billboard. This morning as I sat in … Continue Reading

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Does the Internet Make Us Stupid?

Does Google make us stupid? That particular question almost became viral when tech scholar and analyst Nicholas Carr wrote a cover story with that cover line for Atlantic Monthly Magazine in 2008. The Pew Research Center decided to do a study asking … Continue Reading

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Imma Be

The video released last week, the song is at the top of the charts, and the words to the song… well… I’ll get to that in a minute. Imma Be is the title of… no, not the new, just the … Continue Reading

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Greg’s Cause

The Great Commission… redefined. Don’t worry… it’s not blasphemy. The words “The Great Commission” aren’t in the scriptures. That’s a term we came up with later… a term that isn’t really used by this generation. That’s why Greg has labeled it, … Continue Reading

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MTV Sinks to New Lows

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know my opinion of MTV. Just put MTV in the search box on my blog and see what you come up with. MTV’s plans for a new show this summer only … Continue Reading

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Vandal Changes Atheist Billboard

Okay… I know… vandalism is not cool. But admittedly, I’m biased… …and this was pretty funny. Last week I posted a blog about some atheist and agnostic groups that have purchased billboards around my city and others. Today’s Sacramento Bee … Continue Reading

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Abstinence-only Programs Might Work?

Let’s be honest… the words abstinence-only aren’t very popular right now to the majority. Many people (today’s U.S. voters, for example) would dismiss anything that even bears that title. Too bad… because in the last month, I’ve read several articles … Continue Reading

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Parental Boundaries Work

For the last few weeks you’ve been hearing me chime in quite a bit about the new Kaiser Family Foundation media consumption report (kids now average 7 hrs and 38 minutes a day consuming entertainment media). For the last two weeks … Continue Reading

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Atheist Billboards

My Sacramento newspaper featured a story about some new billboards we are seeing around the city… atheist Billboards. I guess they’re looking to recruit new members. Here’s a snippet of the article: A coalition of atheist and agnostic groups have … Continue Reading

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Teaching Discernment to Alyssa

This week’s Youth Culture Window article is a little different than normal… it’s a story of my 14-year-old Alyssa asking me permission to download a song on iTunes. This situation wasn’t one of those ‘cut and dry’ easy decisions. You know… like … Continue Reading

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