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I get to go to quite a few screenings… and I haven’t been to one this “regulated” in years. (Movie reviewers only, no guests, one screening, no cameras, etc.) But hey… this is James Freaking Cameron! Think about it. We … Continue Reading

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Helping Kids Process Grief

Tragedy is a reality. We all face it at times. The question we might have as parents and youth workers is, “How can we help our kids process this kind of grief?” My city has been dealing with this recently … Continue Reading

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Whooops! Wrong CONNECT

This is a funny story… although it probably wasn’t too funny for the person that hit the wrong key on the keyboard, resulting in thousands of newly printed books being pulled. Whooops! Most of you know that my brand new … Continue Reading

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Free Stuff from To Save a Life

You guys like free stuff, right? Well… I’ve got something for ya. Those of you who have been subscribers of my blog for a while might remember me talking about a Christian film I got a chance to screen, a … Continue Reading

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Sexting and the Teenage Brain

I think sexting is probably one of the biggest youth culture issues addressed by the news-media in the last year. Our ministry has written articles on the subject, (including this article about how to wade through “media hype”) and I’ve … Continue Reading

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My Movie Room

Okay… so it’s not really a movie room. It’s a room in my house that my kids have always called “the play room.” It’s got a TV, some game systems, our family computer, a big corner couch. Last weekend I … Continue Reading

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The Ugly… Ugly Truth

Last night Lori and I rented the comedy romance The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl. I needed to review it anyway for our MOVIE REVIEW page, and I always enjoy a good romantic comedy with Lori. My … Continue Reading

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