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Top 10 Games of the Last DECADE!

Wow… forget looking back just one year… how about looking back a whole decade! My son is quite a “gamer,” so I found this particular list fun. It’s the Top 10 Games of the Decade from Yahoo Games. One thing … Continue Reading

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Phoenix to Sacramento

Ah… the good ol’ I-5. California residents know what I’m talking about… one of the most boring drives in the nation. The Interstate 5 running North and South in California! Forget any pictures of California you’ve seen in the movies… … Continue Reading

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Bella’s Mom

Okay… my friend/co-worker David is hilarious. He emailed me the link to the following video with only these words: “Bella’s Mom” If you haven’t seen the new Twilight film, The New Moon, or listened to Todd and I rant about it … Continue Reading

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Top 10 Christmas Gifts NOT to Get Your Wife

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, so I’ll do it in the way I know how… with an incredibly stupid video! I don’t know how many of you saw this fun little video we made last year… … Continue Reading

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It’s About Time!

It’s been a long haul… but my new book is finally in stock! Those of you who have been my blog subscribers for a while now have been following the progress of my new book about engaging in one-on-one conversations … Continue Reading

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Cookies So Good You’ll Cry!

Okay… last year I opened a door to something that can’t be closed. It was around last Christmas, and I shared a blog about my hot wife baking cookies in the kitchen… the best cookies in the Milky Way! These are a … Continue Reading

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Annual Movie Review Podcast

I can’t believe that this is our third one… wow… time flies. Many of you listen to our THE SOURCE FOR YOUTH MINISTRY podcasts. We’ve been doing them since May of 2007. And yesterday we just launched our third annual … Continue Reading

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My Friend Todd

If you’ve been a subscriber to my blog or a visitor of our website for even a short while, you’ve heard me talk about my friend Todd Pearage. Todd is not only one of our writers, he is also a … Continue Reading

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Brand New Report on Minors Sexting

Emphasis on “brand new” and emphasis on “minors.” Yes, in the last year we’ve heard an abundance of reports about “sexting” … that’s when teenagers decide to use their mobile phones to send sexual text messages or images to each … Continue Reading

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Teens and Mobile Phones Over the Past 5 Years

As a parent of two teenagers and a tween, I can assure you that “a cell phone” is still the hot item on the Christmas list of kids today. It’s definitely on my 12-year-old’s Christmas list. She claims that she’s … Continue Reading

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