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Another Sexting-related Bullying Suicide

David, my director of content development for just emailed me a sad article about an incident only 15 miles from his house in Tampa, FL. Many of you have heard horror stories about sexting- I’ve blogged about them before. It … Continue Reading

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A Book Alec Enjoyed

My son is a pretty good reader; he also likes video games, and Anime… that’s why I thought he might enjoy Mark Olmos’ new book, Age of the Fallen. Age of the Fallen is a piece of Christian fiction about … Continue Reading

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Will Adam Lambert’s Antics Wake Up Parents?

It seemed like just another typical American Music Awards. Rihanna revealed…too much, Jay Z rapped about how great he is, Shakira did her little hip thing with a mic stand (I think I saw the mic stand smoking a cigarette just moments … Continue Reading

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My Two Cents After Seeing Twilight’s New Moon

Twilight’s sequel The New Moon proved to not only be THE pop culture phenomenon of the year, but the biggest opening weekend of the year, grossing 72.7 million on it’s opening day alone (beating out Dark Knight), and raking in … Continue Reading

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Twilight’s ‘Emo’ New Moon

If you have been anywhere around tween girls in the last few days, you’ve probably heard the news… Twilight’s sequal, New Moon, is coming to theatres this Friday. This is probably THE most anticipated film of the year by teenagers. … Continue Reading

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Violent Soccer Women

Okay… I was traveling in LA two weekends ago and saw this on CNN in the airport. I meant to blog about it last week, but there was just too much to blog about. But I gotta show you this. … Continue Reading

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Connecting With Kids Free Training

This weekend I’m going to show youth leaders how to train their own adult leaders to connect with students… and I’m going to do this training using the exact same free ppt that we’re giving away on our website (we’re … Continue Reading

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Media Use

Wow… too many articles to blog about. So I’ll just highlight a bunch of interesting media research from The Nielsen Company. Hold on… this is going to be a rapid fire blog with links and stats. TV VIEWING: The Nielsen … Continue Reading

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Why Teenagers Grow Up Slowly

Why are teenagers growing up so slowly? It’s not that hard to figure out. Just compare the responsibilities of your great grampa to kids today. 100 years ago: Help dad with the farm…. or Mom, sister and the rest of you … Continue Reading

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Cover Design

Last week I shared with you a little about my new book CONNECT, a book that I think will be a great tool helping anyone who is connecting with today’s teenagers (many of you have already pre-ordered it- you’ll get it … Continue Reading

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