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Family Dinners Worth It

Do you know that 65 percent of teenagers and 75 percent of parents say they would be willing to give up a weeknight activity if it meant they could have dinner with their family? Do you know that those teenager … Continue Reading

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A Silent Junior High Room

I’ve never heard 35 junior high students be so quiet. Some of you might know, I volunteer at my church working with the junior high group midweek. This is fun for me. My youngest daughter is in the group and being … Continue Reading

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Britney’s New Hit about a “Threesome” Jumps to Number One

Ooops… she did it again. Britney has discovered the secret to releasing number one songs- over-the-top sexuality! On September 29th Britney released a new single called “3” … a song about a ménage a trios. Here’s a glimpse of the … Continue Reading

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Youth MiniStarZ

Okay… I’ve seen a few youtube videos floating around about youth ministry… …but this is by far one of the funnier I’ve seen. If you’re not in youth ministry, you might not find this funny. I’m not sure if this … Continue Reading

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The “Fiddy Cent” Bible

Not to be confused with a Bible that only is half a dollar… this “Bible” is a collection of self reliance advice from successful rapper Fiddy Cent. (now forever knows as “50”) It’s always intriguing to peek at the philosophies … Continue Reading

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5 Ideas You Can Use

This is fun… five free ideas youth workers can stick into their back pocket when planning time is short. Last week while at the National Youth Workers Convention, Adam McLane was filming snippets for the YS (Youth Specialties) blog. They are going to … Continue Reading

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Lady Gaga’s Shift to #1

I like to keep my eyes on the music charts, and doing that, I occasionally notice large shifts triggered by big media events. I would propose that these shifts can tell us a little about the power of certain media … Continue Reading

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