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Set Your Recorders…

I don’t tell you to set your DVR’s (and VCR’s) very often. But this Sunday night is one of those times I think it’s worth it. Three times a year a show comes on TV that gives you a glimpse … Continue Reading

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Good ol’ Fashioned Customer Service

Today I had an experience that was rare… good ol’ fashioned customer service. It started with a burnt out brake light. My son just turned 16 (aye aye aye!!!), and he takes his drivers’ license test tomorrow. (did I mention… … Continue Reading

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An Ubundince of Mispelings

How many of us really can spell without Microsoft WORD’s little red squiggly lines warning us to try again? According to this Telegraph article from across the pond… not many of us! For some of us, spelling and grammar might not seem like … Continue Reading

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Colleges Using Facebook & Twitter to Recruit

I always find it interesting to see where kids hang out, “virtually” as well as physically. I also find it interesting to see where companies and institutions perceive kids to be- as well as the methods they use to connect with or … Continue Reading

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Star Trek

Yesterday I took one of my daughters on a date… we saw the new Star Trek. Wow! What a great film. At first, I was a little hesitant to bring any of my kids to it because of the preview. … Continue Reading

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Katy Perry Does It Again

Last week Katy Perry made a guest appearance on American Idol, elevating yet another one of her songs to the top of the charts, Waking Up in Vegas. Not a bad marketing move for Perry. Most people that appear on Idol are on … Continue Reading

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Keep it Real

I’m speaking at a conference in the Maritimes (Canada) this summer, and I just was chatting with the conference coordinator about the theme. He wanted me to send him my theme and the direction I would go. I started brainstorming … Continue Reading

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No Dancing

Sigh. No matter how this one turns out… it won’t be pretty. Christians are going to be dragged through the mud once again. It’s the age ol’ story: Kid goes to strict Christian school that doesn’t allow dancing. Kid signs … Continue Reading

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Angels and Demons

This Friday Angels and Demons hits the theatres, another film based on Dan Brown’s bestselling novel of the same title. I saw a screening of the film last week… not much to talk about. A few years ago Brown created … Continue Reading

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Ready-Made Youth Talks

Last week YS/Zondervan did another reprint of my 10-Minute-Talks book and I just received another 1,000 of them here at my office. On Tuesday I sent out an offer to all our EZINE subscribers with a special low price and free … Continue Reading

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