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Adam in the Bottom Two?

Okay… I admit it. I watch American Idol (me and half the nation). I guess I could admit to worse. I really enjoy the singing, I enjoy getting to know most of the top 10, I enjoy hearing Simon’s criticism … Continue Reading

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Miley’s Reaction to Miss California

Most of us are aware of Miss California’s statement about Gay Marriage. But how many of us have heard what Miley said just days after? Read below… because I want your feedback! It all started when Miss California, Carrie Prejean, … Continue Reading

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Training Students to Reach Students

This weekend I’m doing an adapted version of my CONNECT training workshop here in Northern California (yay, only two hours from my house!) … I’m training both student and adult leaders to reach the other students they encounter in their everyday lives. This has been … Continue Reading

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Volunteering Stinks!

Yeah… I said it. There are times that it stinks to be a volunteer! (You probably didn’t foresee that coming from a guy who wrote a book about volunteering!) I volunteer for my daughter’s jr. high track team. Since it’s … Continue Reading

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An American in Canada

The Looney, the Tooney, the Canucks, Much More Music, and “Let’s go get a coffee and Timmys!” These are the just some of the everyday things that we American’s don’t know about Canada. In all actuality, there is A LOT … Continue Reading

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I’m home, eh?

I just walked in the door from my trip to Canada, a great time ministering with a church about an hour east of Vancouver in a small town called Abbotsford. Yes… I was actually in Vancouver last night… not a … Continue Reading

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Reacting to the Day of Silence?

Last year I blogged about the Christian response to “The Day of Silence.” It’s called “The Day of Truth,” and I’ll tell you up front… I’m not a big fan. This year I’ve been getting emails about both days… so in … Continue Reading

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Pose Nude… Wait… Don’t! Post Pics… Wait… Don’t!

And we wonder why our kids are making bad decisions. Let me start by highlighting a story from my son’s high school that made national news. I’m referring to the cheerleading coach, Carlie Beck, that was just fired after it was discovered that … Continue Reading

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Does Street Evangelism Work? Part II

Last week I blogged about an intriguing article from written by a non Christian college student who went undercover as a believer on a missions trip with Liberty University, reaching out to the “lost” people partying during spring break at Daytona … Continue Reading

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Are these numbers inflated?

We’ve been hearing a whole lot of hype about “sexting” and stats in the news lately. Today I found a fascinating article giving us a little bit of “behind the scenes” on some of these polls. First we heard about … Continue Reading

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