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Missions Trips

Spring break varies in date around the country. For most of us out here in California it’s the week before Easter (once called “Easter Break”… in the great days of old). For many of us in youth ministry, Spring Break means … Continue Reading

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You Can Have Whatever You Like… in Prison!

I can hear the rap song playing right now: “You can have whatever you like.” Sorry T.I., I guess that doesn’t include guns. On Friday the young grammy winning rapper was just sentenced on gun charges. Yes, on October 13, 2007, rapper T.I. … Continue Reading

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Online Obstacles

I just got off the phone with David talking about next week’s article for our Youth Culture Window page (it will be on our site Sunday). The article is about what kids are doing online and their “online integrity” compared to “real … Continue Reading

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Diversity in Ministry

Many of you have seen our FOUR MINUTE videos, bringing you a four minute glimpse of various aspects of ministry. Our most recent video was launched last Sunday, a video from my good buddy Fred Lynch. Fred is well known … Continue Reading

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She Stole What?

I have to admit, I’ve never heard of these being stolen before, but I guess anything’s possible! CNN linked this story from KTLA News: Woman Sought for Stealing Breast Implants. LOL. This story writes itself. HUNTINGTON BEACH — Police are searching … Continue Reading

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Twilight, Bolt and Bond

Three movies are releasing within just a few days of each other, with Twilight leading the pack, Bolt trailing in second, and Bond… well… we will see Tuesday. Twilight is the only one of the three that required a “special … Continue Reading

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What to Do with “Twilight” …Now on DVD

“Should I let my kids see Twilight?” I’ve heard that question from parents more than any other question in the last 12 months. If you don’t know about Twilight, it’s more than just a movie… it’s been a youth culture phenomenon. … Continue Reading

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Professional Cheating- the Rise of Essay Mills

My mom, a professor at California State University in Sacramento, just slipped me a fascinating article about college level cheating. Apparently cheating is gradually becoming a booming business. Cheating is a huge temptation for students today. In a December, 2007 … Continue Reading

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Top 10 Signs You’re Born in 1970

Today I turn 39… my last year as a “young man!” That’s right. I have one year left of claiming that I’m “thirty-something.” Then, when I’m filling out applications and they ask me to choose my age bracket… it will … Continue Reading

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They Came Forward… What Now?

Recently I’ve spoken at several events that were very well planned… until the altar call. Think about this for a second. A kid hears the Gospel and even has the guts to stand up out of their seat with the … Continue Reading

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