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Super Bowl

Pittsburgh and who? Those are probably fighting words in my house. My wife grew up in Phoenix, AZ. She’s not a football fan, but her dad is. And she’s a pretty big fan of her daddy!  🙂   I’m looking forward … Continue Reading

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No Cussing Club Receives Threats

It started with a school project. 15-year-old McKay Hatch noticed how much his friends would cuss and use dirty language constantly.  “They did it so much, they didn’t even realize they were doing it. It bothered me so much that … Continue Reading

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TV or Internet TV?

What is the future of TV entertainment? Traditional TV as it is now, with the help of DVR’s (you know… like TIVO)? Or online TV? The experts can’t seem to agree on this one. Here are the facts offered from Solutions Research … Continue Reading

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Boosting Self Esteem

David’s brand new Youth Culture Window article jabbed me twice this week. David’s YCW article is always good. But this week’s article about the declining self esteem in young girls had me squirming in my seat twice (for two totally different reasons). I first … Continue Reading

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Hottest Virtual Hangout Growing Even Bigger is back in the news again, with $10 million of financing from Best Buy’s corporate venture-capital group. IMVU is the 3D virtual community (picture a virtual pickup bar, but filled with teenagers and adults all anonymously guised as perfect … Continue Reading

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I’m Envious

Shout out to David, my team of writers, and our whole web team at I don’t know how many of you regularly take a peek at our web site’s front page… because, wow! I can’t believe how much cool stuff … Continue Reading

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Greg Stier on Embracing Real Conversations

If you haven’t been following the new FOUR MINUTE videos that we’ve been putting up on our front page, we’ve been featuring a new one every three weeks or so. I love the one we just put up there. Dare to … Continue Reading

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Lyrics “Under the Radar” of Parents

I’m so used to today’s music being blatantly raunchy and sexual, I’m almost surprised when musicians use sneaky tactics to slip messages under the radar of parents. But that’s exactly what Britney has done with this new song on her … Continue Reading

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A Big Booty is Healthy

A fat bottom might actually be “a sign of good health.” Husbands. Try that one on your wives. “Honey, you look extremely… HEALTHY!” Don’t believe me. New research from the journal Cell Metabolism suggests that “the fat responsible for producing … Continue Reading

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We all know that kids love texting, with repercussions good and bad. And many of us have heard stories of kids who text literally thousands of text messages per month. After all, the average number of monthly texts for a … Continue Reading

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