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More Twilight Reactions

I don’t normally spend so much time talking about one film. But it’s amazing how much of a pop culture phenomena the movie Twilight has emerged to become. As I reported in an earlier blog, the film opened at over … Continue Reading

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In the Middle of Nowhere

For Thanksgiving my family and I went up to my brother’s… in the middle of nowhere. Okay… it’s not really nowhere, but he lives in a small Northern California town, population 368. One grocery store, one “farm and feed supply,” … Continue Reading

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Landmark Cyberbullying Trial

Many of you may remember the case about the girl and her mom who created a face MySpace account with full intent to hurt a girl that they didn’t like. Their plan worked. The girl did get hurt… she committed suicide. (We mentioned … Continue Reading

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Why We Need Change in Youth Ministry

A couple weeks ago we launched a new podcast– one where my buddy Brandon and I interviewed Mark Oestreicher (CEO of Youth Specialties) about his new book, Youth Ministry 3.0 The discussion was fascinating, a much needed conversation about “why … Continue Reading

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Now That the Movie “Twilight” is Released…

Last night (Thursday) I was at a movie screening for the new Disney film Bolt (a great film by the way). On the way out of the screening, the sidewalks around the theatre looked like the front of a Barnes and … Continue Reading

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A decade ago I wouldn’t understand this at all… but I almost did a backflip yesterday when I went to the gas station and saw only $1.99 per gallon. I thought the days of less than $2 were gone. Once … Continue Reading

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Movies This Weekend

This weekend there seems to be a lot of movie options. As a movie fan… I’m intrigued. I get to a see a screening of the new animated BOLT tomorrow night (Thurs). I’ll be adding my two cents to our … Continue Reading

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Evangelism for Hot Women

I’ve seen about every kind of evangelism training out there… but this method? This girl seems to think that missionary dating is the answer. Of course, she says that it helps if you’re “hot,” like her. (Paris Hilton couldn’t have said … Continue Reading

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Just Four Minutes

It’s finally here. Those blog subscribers who are youth workers have been hearing us talk a lot about a fun little resource we’re launching on our web site at THE SOURCE, and that is “4-Minutes.” No… not the Madonna song. “4-Minutes” … Continue Reading

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I Want a “Virtual” Divorce

This sounds like a Coen Brothers film (Fargo, No Country for Old Men, Burn After Reading…), but no, unfortunately, the story is very real. Reuters reports: A British woman is divorcing her husband after discovering his online alter-ego was having an affair … Continue Reading

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