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Youth Culture Barometer

It’s that time of year again… the time where we gain a little insight into the collection of media that kids are putting into their heads. A few weeks ago we saw this via the Teen Choice Awards and I offered … Continue Reading

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The oldest copies of the Bible are about to go online. The Dead Sea Scrolls are about to be digitally preserved and scanned for all to see. These scrolls are the Biblical documents discovered in 1947 by a Bedouin shepherd who wandered … Continue Reading

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No… I’m not talking about Hannah Montana…. I’m talking about the state of Montana. I’m heading there today to speak at a fall kickoff for the youth ministry at Grace Bible Church in Miles City. Funny… this will be my first … Continue Reading

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Rock Me Sexy Jesus

I’m warning you… you will be offended with this one. David wrote all about this brand new movie in our current Youth Culture Window article. The movie is called Hamlet 2 (in theatres now), and this “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” scene is in the … Continue Reading

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Reality Television at Blame

There really isn’t all that much I can add to this Media Life Research article: Reality television has already been blamed for many societal ills, from the dumbing-down of television to the rise of the faux celebrity culture (think “Surreal … Continue Reading

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Okay… maybe some of you have all ready seen this video (someone told me they played it at GROUP’s NYMC). I hadn’t seen it yet… This is classic, especially for anyone who’s ever done a youth ministry all night event. … Continue Reading

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Political Evangelism

My dad just sent me this from our local Sacramento Bee, a fascinating article about how political campaigns are learning from person to person evangelism models. This is timely for me. I’m actually pounding hard right now finishing up writing … Continue Reading

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Disney Panties Pulled From Shelves

And to think, I was surprised when I saw junior high girls walking around the mall with the word “juicy” imprinted across their butt. Disney just came out with a new line of High School Musical panties for kids (as in, … Continue Reading

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Rihanna Knocks Katy Perry Outta #1

Katy Perry (I Kissed a Girl) has been riding the #1 spot on the Billboard charts for 7 weeks now, but this week Rihanna’s Disturbia bumped her down. Months ago I blogged about Perry’s song, I Kissed a Girl and I Liked … Continue Reading

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30 Day Sex Challenge

Okay… this got my attention, a sermon series titled “The 30 Day Sex Challenge.”, a Tampa area church, has the reputation of being… well… relevant. In this recent sermon series they gave a challenge: Married couples commit to having sex … Continue Reading

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