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Death by Hide-a-Bed

I’m traveling with my family this week and we’ve opened up a hide-a-bed almost every night of our trip so far. My kids will attest to the fact that I’ve been known to fold up the bed while they’re still … Continue Reading

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Robbery Attempt Ends When Victim Offers Iced Tea

Ever notice how much people will open up and talk if you can create an atmosphere of acceptance and just listen? I guess this works in the most unusual circumstances… A mother and her 6-month old girl escaped unhurt after … Continue Reading

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Surfing in NJ

As most of you know, I’m on the East Coast speaking at a camp at the NJ shore. When we arrived at the camp and were at the front desk checking in, a surf instructor walked by to check who … Continue Reading

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Six States in One Day

Tomorrow my family and I fly to the East Coast where I’ll be speaking at a camp all next week. If our flight goes through (don’t even get me started about the reliability of the airlines lately!!!), we’ll be arriving … Continue Reading

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What Would it Be Like to Be…

I’m not big on forwards… but this video was passed to me and caught my eye. At first I thought this video was pretty goofy (Okay… it is pretty goofy. It’s pure “Saturday Morning Special” quality… so don’t have high expectations at … Continue Reading

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Getting Tattoos… and Removing Tattoos

Hip Hop artist Pharrell seems to regret inking himself. What’s there to say? He changed his mind. It happens. He’ll be getting an expensive and painful procedure that involves applying new skin over his old body art. “It’s going to … Continue Reading

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