The Top of the Charts… Not a Pretty Sight

You can learn a lot about youth culture from pop culture… that’s why I try to keep my eye on the music charts and what kids are listening to.

This week the  Coldplay is making a move up the charts… a refreshing change, I must say. No bias at all, I’m just growing tired of the insult to our intelligence that has been riding the number one slot for months now. I’m referring to the number one song “Lollipop.” If you aren’t familiar with this song, I encourage you to take a quick peek at the lyrics. All I can say is… Wow!  (I don’t know… he looks like a nice fella from his pic, don’t you think?)

So you can see why I’m cheering for Coldplay.

Other songs in chart news were Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” also soaring up the charts. I blogged about this song a lil bit ago. Enough said.

Also holding on, Usher’s “Love in the Club,” … aka “Let’s Make Love in the Club.” This song is an ironic piece. Usher’s new album is supposed to be about fidelity and matrimony now that Usher is married and settled down. His album tells his life story, and “Love in the Club” is about a time in his live when he was clubbing every night and taking women home with him. But he says that he’s different now. His album tells the story. Sorry Usher… most kids are missing that message. They’re too busy “Making Love in the Club” to  your song! (you’ll hear more about this soon on our Youth Culture Window)

I admit… music wasn’t great when I was 16. But let’s just say…this chart below is a little different picture than today’s:

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  1. Paul Loeffler says:

    That brings back some memories.