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Connected but Isolated

Today I am turning in a draft to my publisher for one of my new books (one that won’t be released until late 2009). The working title is “Connect” (just like my workshop of the same title), with the subtitle, “Engaging One-on-one … Continue Reading

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Reality Sucks

This picture from imageshack speaks a thousand words about the voice of a generation that has grown up never knowing life without the internet. Wow. A great discussion starter about finding meaning and identity… in real, everyday life.  

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She Kissed a Girl and Liked It

I’m a regular visitor of the music charts to see what kids are listening to. Today, #3 on iTunes was a song titled “I Kissed a Girl.” No big deal… right? Well, the song was song by female singer Katy … Continue Reading

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Yo Mama Showdown and Other Rejected Games

As most of you know, our website has a huge collection of free game ideas for youth ministry. Many of these are submitted by youth workers around the world, screened, and added by us. Have you ever wondered what the … Continue Reading

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Tragedy at the Steven Curtis Chapman Home

Many of you might have read about the incredible loss Steven Curtis Chapman and his family suffered yesterday in their rural Williamson County home just south of Nashville. The 5-year-old daughter of Grammy-winning Christian music star Steven Curtis Chapman was struck … Continue Reading

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Belief in God… Just Not Church

Last Sunday I provided a quick “youth culture update” to a local group of youth leaders. In this training, I talked about how the majority of this young generation in America is open to God and spiritual beliefs… just not church attendance or organized religion … Continue Reading

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Are You Ready for Kids With Special Needs?

And I thought I had experienced disruptive kids! Carol Race can’t take her son to church. One Sunday she tried… and the Sheriff was waiting at the end of her driveway. The church had filed a restraining order. But according to … Continue Reading

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Should You See Prince Caspian Tonight?

The answer to that question is a definite YES! It’s been a while since I’ve felt this emotional about a film. I don’t know if it’s because of my recent podcast interview with Douglas Gresham (C.S. Lewis’ stepson), my chat with … Continue Reading

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Interviewing Switchfoot

Today I’m interviewing Switchfoot’s Drew Shirley. I’m doing a little research about the band. Their new song This is Home is the official Prince Caspian song, featured during the ending credits of Prince Caspian releasing in theatres tomorrow. I saw the screening of Prince … Continue Reading

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Struggling With Juno

The movie Juno, which only this week was bumped from the number two spot in DVD rentals, has been at the top of the rental charts since its release on April 15th . Kids love it. I, however, am a little torn. … Continue Reading

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