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Barbie Too Slutty for Iran

Wow… I don’t know if I totally disagree with this. The Iranian vice president is speaking out against Barbie, computer games, and movies. In this Times Online article it’s evident that Barbie and other western toys are not welcome: Barbie dolls … Continue Reading

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Seeing Much “More” of Miley

Miley is regretting her decision big time. Haven’t we all regretted decisions at one time or another? That’s why this is a great opportunity to discuss decision making with our kids. (Note: I’ve included discussion questions with a scripture passage … Continue Reading

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David’s Grand Theft Auto 4 Article

Wow… you guys are going to find this week’s Youth Culture Window article (the weekly article featured in the magnifying glass on the front page of our web site ) fascinating. The very controversial Grand Theft Auto 4 video game has successfully … Continue Reading

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Hitchcock Classic Stills Remade

This is just pure fun. As a fiilm buff I was tickled when I saw these creative stills from Vanity Fair, all remakes of classic Hitchcock film moments. Check out people like Charlize Theron as Grace Kelly’s Margot Mary Wendice about … Continue Reading

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Dear God

I’m always intrigued by people’s conceptions of God. I have found that their expressions of these perceptions don’t necessarily reflect what someone truly believes, more what is convenient or easier to swallow. But they do give us a glimpse into their attitudes … Continue Reading

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MTV’s Real World… Not So Real

I love this article. FInally verbalizing what I’ve thought for years now (wondering why kids even watch this show). The article questions why MTV even renewed its “once hit show” The Real World for its 21st season. Unlike the author … Continue Reading

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The Day of… WHAT?

Oh boy… here we go again. It’s happening next week. Why is it that Christians always feel that they need to “stand up for their rights” and speak out against organizations, or governments that are caught up in sin? Where … Continue Reading

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Wii Stripping Game

In one of our recent podcast’s I talked about the new video game Wii Fit. We jested… “What’s next?” I guess we should have kept our mouths shut! ABC News tells us that Wii is working on a home stripping game. Yeah, … Continue Reading

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Waiting for Sex… is a Now a LONG WAIT!

All week we’ve been talking about abstinence. “Just wait until marriage.” That was a message easier said to my great grandpa and grandma. They were married before age 20. Rewind a couple years before that. Remember how old Laura Ingalls was … Continue Reading

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To Condemn or to Condom?

Last week my wife and I watched a TV show where a student was expelled from school for protesting an abstinence assembly by playing George Michael’s song “I Want Your Sex” over a boombox. In this fictional prime time TV drama, … Continue Reading

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