Inside the Mind of Tweens and Teens

This week we’ve been researching the self esteem of young girls. David wrote an amazing peice of research in this week’s Youth Culture Window- take a peek at that if you haven’t seen it. (More on that later this week.)

But today I want you to take a look at an amazing blog that reveals the secrets of tweens and teens. Heartbreaking to read. is a site that already draws kids with it’s fun blogging about Miley Cyrus, the Jonas brothers, etc. But this site offers something unique to members: a place to share your secrets! And that feature provides an incredible window into the hurting souls of youth today. (Thanks to Marko for the link) 

Take a peek at some of the secrets kids posted on this page.

“well.. im going out wit a guy and everone knows it. but secretly we make out, etc..” 

“I’m so confussed i don’t know if i like guys, girls,or both.” 

“!~I want 2 have sex, but im 13~! i also wish i can tell all my friends bout da true way i feel about EVERYTHING but i no dey would criticize me cuz dey hav b4!”

“um when i was at my best freinds house i did “stuff” with her Boy freind. IN her room” 

“i have though about througing up a few times just to lose wheight 

“My secret is kinda wierd. I’m going out with this huy and i dont think hes that cute but he’s really nice” 

“i feel like im about to explode. my heart hurts. i want this guy so badly, but he’s not online, so i cant talk to him, and now he might not even come to my party. hes my friends friend, and i havnt talked to him since 1st grade, but i’ve been dreaming about him. i want to explode with anxiety, anger, dissapointment and love. i NEED a boyfriend.” 

“I want a boy to like me. not that freaky boy that already does, but a boy that I could like back.

“well. my boyfriend broke up with me becuz i didnt hug him 1 time and i feel stupid”

“I’m freaking fat! Omg I’ 13, but I’m 138 lbs! *sniffle*” 

“I wish my mom wouldn’t think I’m a perfect little angel… becuase I’m not!!” 


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