Squeaking Through to Wisconsin

Today I flew out of Sacramento on a direct flight to Chicago where I popped in my rental car to drive 2 hours to one of my favorite camps to speak at, Timber-lee Christian Camp.

I gotta admit, last night I had my doubts if I’d ever get here- the weather was looking pretty bad. My dad was flying back from Kansas City where he did a workshop and he said everything was stopped at Ohare (Chicago’s Airport.. my destination this morning). Sure enough, flights were being canceled or delayed up to five hours due to heavy snow in the midwest.

So this morning I checked flight status and surprisingly everything was fine (when I was leaving my house at 4 AM). But 5 minutes before we were supposed to board we received word of a delay (figures). Chicago had a foot of snow last night and they were limiting incoming flights. I popped open my laptop and began getting some work done. They actually didn’t delay long. Bottom line… we only arrived in Chicago an hour late. (Whew! There are a lot of people stuck in airports across the country right now. I squeaked through!)

I was in my rental car (a 4×4) navigating through the newly fallen snow by 1:30 PM and stopping at my favorite pizza place in the world, Giordano’s, at 2:30. (I wrote about Giordannos in an earlier blog.. wow… that’s some great pizza! This is my only time scheduled to pass through Chicago in the next six months… I had to get my fix!)

I arrived at the camp around dinner time and got settled in. I am excited about the weekend. I speak once tonight, twice Saturday, and once Sunday. I’m doing a new series on our two natures. Tonight I talk about the world’s focus on “external,” and God’s focus on “internal.” Tomorrow I’ll dive into our two natures (Romans 8) and reveal how we need to give it up to God and let Him work in us instead of us trying to “do works.” It should be a fun time.

I’d love your prayers as I speak to this group of high school kids this weekend. You can also pray for a mighty tail wind on the way home so I can catch the last 5 minutes of the SUPER BOWL!!!!    🙂

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4 Responses to Squeaking Through to Wisconsin

  1. Jody Earley says:

    Hey Jonathan. I recently read your book, Getting Students to show up. Great book. If your interested I wrote a quick review on my blog at jodyearley.com. Keep doing what you do.

  2. rob coleman says:

    Hey Jonathan
    Net time in Chicago try Gino’s East pizza.
    It’s not far from Giordano’s,You might have a new favorite.


  3. Ha… thanks for the tip Rob. I’ve had Gino’s East. Great Pizza… but no Giordano’s. (For you non Chicago folks… everyone in Chicago is torn between three places: Giordano’s, Gino’s East, or Lou Malnati’s. People that are a fan of one, usually become biased like Chicago Bears fans- everyone else sucks! I, not being from Chicago have only tried the first two. I like them both and I’m eager to try Lou Malnati’s too. I have hight hopes!)

  4. scott says:

    Giordano’s is hands down the best! Italian sausage…mmmmm. Wish I was there!
    When my family does sping break in Orlando this year I am looking forward to a nice pie. They have at least two in that area that I frequent.