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Miley’s Faith

I don’t know if you saw the Oscars… I don’t know if you even cared. But Miley Cyrus was one of the presenters, and one of the few to be interviewed by Barbara Walters on her famous post-Oscar interview show. … Continue Reading

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Americans Keep Switching Religions!

The report was released just Monday. The results are in… Americans are fickle about their religion! The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life released the results of their 35,000 person poll concluding, “Americans not only change jobs, change where … Continue Reading

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It’s Time to “Bully” Once Again

Last weekend when I was in Pennsylvania I saw a video game cover that caught my eye in a Game Stop window. The game is called “Bully: Scholarship Edition” …and you’re going to want to know about this one. Brought … Continue Reading

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The Source “East Coast/West Coast” Thing

Yesterday was a fun day for us here at THE SOURCE as David, our East Coast guy, flew West and connected with me before I flew East. David R. Smith has been one of our speakers and writers for years, but in the … Continue Reading

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Gen @, Millennials, Gen Y… Whatever You Call Them

Generation Y (or “Gen @” as I call them in my newest book) has been frequenting the business sections of papers across the world. People just don’t know what to do with this generation of young business people that are … Continue Reading

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2008 Trendsetters

Which stars do teenage girls have their eyes on this year? That’s a good question. And Seventeen Magazine’s Gina Kelly has made the self fulfilling prophecy this year, choosing Miley Ray Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Rachel Bilson (Jumper, The O.C.), Emma Watson (the … Continue Reading

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Child Preachers

Wow… I preached my first sermon as a freshman in High School and I thought I started young! These are hilarious. These children not only are imitating preaching, they have every gesture, every voice inflection… these kids have been paying … Continue Reading

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Our Response to Another School Shooting

Most of us have already read the story of Steven P. Kazmierczak, the gunman who went on a shooting rampage at Northern Illinois University. Apparantly he recently stopped taking medication, went ballistic, and opened fire in a geology class, shooting … Continue Reading

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Hollywood Pro-Life?

Is Hollywood slowly turning pro-life? I must be seeing things. No, it’s true. In the past year I’ve seen more secular movies and TV shows address the issue, not in a militant Operation Rescue fashion, but in a very real … Continue Reading

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She’s Like So Whatever…

On March 5th Avril Lavigne kicks off her two-month-long tour, named in true Avril fashion, “The Best Damn Tour.” If you don’t recognize her name, don’t worry… your kids do. Or you might have heard her lyrics in the checkout line … Continue Reading

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