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NFL Cracking Down on Churches Showing the Super Bowl on the Big Screen

Every year our ministry provides fun resources for for all the churches and youth groups that have Super Bowl parties. Last year, a wrench was thrown in the works… the NFL cracked down on churches showing the game on the … Continue Reading

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Beyond Will and Grace

Beyond Will and Grace. That was the title of a sermon that Bryan Wilkerson gave, posted on Gordon Conwell’s (the Boston seminary) site. Bryan is the pastor of Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA, one of the first mega churches in … Continue Reading

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MySpace Caves

It’s all over the news… top stories on many newspapers. MySpace is finally caving and saying, “All right, All right… we do need to make some changes!” I saw this article in my paper yesterday.┬áCNN has one too. Still left … Continue Reading

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why age 12 – 34?

Last weekend I was training in Hershey, PA at a large EV FREE church- a fun group of people. In the training, I was sharing some statistics about MTV and mentioned their target audience of 12-34 year olds. Interesting- a … Continue Reading

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Googling Your Name

Have you ever googled your own name? I was searching for one of my new books (to see how GROUP was marketing it) and I ended up googling my name. When I did, I stumbled across an old interview I … Continue Reading

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The other night Lori and I rented a film that Marko recommended as one of his favorites of 2007. The film is called ONCE and it is described as a “modern day musical.” I didn’t have any idea of what … Continue Reading

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Generation Y’s fleeting attention spans

I’m always intrigued by research about this new generation of young people. Anastasia Goodstein is one of the voices, if not THE voice, I listen to when it comes to gen y. Her Ypulse website and daily news always provides … Continue Reading

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Drum Line

I’ve spent the last week of the new year, including New Year’s Eve, being sick. Fun huh? I’m back to my desk and discoveredt this in my in box. A nice little link from my dad. It’s a little long… … Continue Reading

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