MTV Top 10 Artists… Not quite Role Models

MTV’s front page features their list of Most Popular Artists. (And let me assure you… regardless where MTV gets that list from, it is a self fulfilling prophecy. Sad fact, but MTV is youth culture today.) The question is… how many of these artist would you want mentoring your kids?

Probably very few of them.

But the “artists” on this list are the people kids are listening to. Let’s take a peek at some of them.

The list features Li’l Wayne in the #1 spot. Little Wayne was in the news again this week when he was booked on three felony drug charges in Yuma, AZ on Jan. 23.

Britney Spears is #2 on the list. She was rushed to the hospital this morning (Thursday, January 31) on another “5150” hold for mental-health evaluation. Her song Peice of Me is currently #18 on Billboard’s Hot 100 right now, and the #9 most downloaded song on iTunes. Her risque music video is the sixth most downloaded music video on iTunes right now.

Soulja Boy Tell’em has the #4 spot. Check out my blog a couple days ago for more about how schools are inadvertantly helping him become a role model for your elementry school kids.

Akon was in the news again last year when he was charged for tossing a 15-year-old fan into the crowd. Akon has had numerous hits, one of the most popular being Smack That.  Hmmmmmm. Earlier in 2007 Akon got himself into trouble in Trinidad when he pulled a girl onto the stage and proceeded to simulate sex with her as well as a few minutes of other crude dancing. The young girl was only 15 years old.

This list of artists goes on.

The interesting fact is that today’s kids don’t seemed worried about song lyrics or the character of the person singing the song. I think a 14-year-old girl summed up this generation’s feeling well in her blog when she heard what Soulja Boy’s “Superman” song meant.

I love this song, and i dont really care what the lyrics mean. 😛


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5 Responses to MTV Top 10 Artists… Not quite Role Models

  1. Matt Furby says:

    Dang, that’s a real list of happy, upstanding model citizens. Jon, seriously, thanks for doing all our homework for us. You da man once again. Now I’m going to go throw up.

  2. Tony P says:

    Thanks for opening my eyes. I’m a youth pastor who loves a lot of different types of music. My kids know I’ll listen to anything from bluegrass to rap, solely because I like the music. I often get so caught up in the music that I forget to listen to the words. After reading your article, I went through the music on my Zune and computer and deleted anything that I knew may “put pie on my face” if my students knew I listened to it (even if it was only because I liked the beat). Thanks for staying on top of things.

  3. pastor dan manns b-lo, ny says:

    thx again jon for another relevent, pertinent and useful article for any one working with teens. it’s so important for us ‘older’ folks to know those who are influencing this generation. the people on this list are household names to most teens today yet the parents of these same teens would most likely have a hard time identifying any one on the list, (except for brit – we all know her deal). your timely articles keep me ‘in the know’, help me to relate to students and help me to speak their language. this is the kind of equipping every youth worker needs! And you provide it FREE!! thank you – you rock!

  4. Pastor Andy says:

    What a lovely bunch of role models. I dont want to seem harsh but in response to Tony P.: Shouldn’t the proper motivation for us as youth pastors to get rid of certian music in our lives be that it puts “pie on the face” of God? After all in everything we do, it must be to the glory of God. I Cor. 10:31

  5. Tonya Berry says:

    Try some of these out and see what you think:

    1 >>This Beautiful Republic – No Turning Back 1 1 07.15.08
    2 » House of Heroes – In The Valley Of The Dying Sun 4 1 05.02.08
    3 » Abandon – Providence 6 1 07.25.08
    4 » Philmont – Can’t Stand To Fall 9 1 07.18.08
    5 » Family Force 5 – Fever 5 1 07.11.08
    6 » Red – Lost 2 1 03.21.08
    7 » Decyfer Down – Crash 3 1 07.04.08
    8 » P.O.D. – Shine With Me 7 3 07.25.08
    9 » Krystal Meyers – Shine 8 4 07.14.08
    10 » Switchfoot – This Is Home